Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Training 6-2-08:

Prep work:
24kg Halo x 5+5
24kg Goblet Squat x 5
Thoracic Rotation

24kg Bottoms-up Get-up x 5 singles each arm

{24kg Alternating swings x 20 + Burpees x 10}
10 sets total in 18 minutes (first 5 sets complete in 7:56)

A nice PR and progression on my Alt swing + burpee workout - I think I finished the 10 sets in just under 20 minutes last time so knocking just shy of 2 minutes off of that and getting the first five sets done in less than 8 minutes is another big progression. Fun stuff - I was huffing and puffing - great conditioning work.

Very busy right now personally and professionally - Travel to MSP this thursday thru sunday and fitting in clients and other business progressions is making this a challenging but very rewarding time.

More in the morning...


Anonymous said...

Great work!! I really like using the swing variations with burpees. GREAT conditioning!! I sometimes add jump rope, med ball slams, and/ or rack walks just to mix things up while still keeping the simplicity of 2-3 moves per workout. Gets right to the point!! later, alan

Brett Jones said...

Simple doesn't mean easy!
Great combos!

Thanks Alan

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