Friday, April 30, 2010

Heavy training day... and an article on

24 kg Windmill x 5+5
24 kg Goblet Squat x 5
40 kg Military Press x 2 right and 1 left x 5 sets
Pistol Practice (10# counterweight) 3 reps per leg (various styles) x 4 sets
40 kg Bent Press x 3 + 3
40 kg One Arm Swing x 5+5 x 5 sets
1# Club Swinging

Instead of fighting the left arm I just went with it and did a set of 10 with the 24kg to add a little volume to the left side.
Pistol practice felt good - i am going to be working both ends (bodyweight and weighted).
Clubs felt great - lots of reps.

Article on about Refining Hardstyle...

Pavel's newsletter had some other great articles about this subject.


Mark Reifkind said...

great workout man. as you know, I LOVE 5x5. so simple so basic and so effective. nice.

Mark Reifkind said...

oh yes, great article btw. right to point and very clear.

Carl Sipes said...

Great article Brett! Curious as to whether you have ever pushed your floating leg into different positions/planes when practicing pistols. It will take you from a pistol to a SLDL and hit various planes to each side of the body(Gary Gray calls it a star lunge). It gave me a lot of hip and ankle mobility/stability I didn't have and helped my traditional pistol. Just curious if you have any experience with this.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Rif - simple is as simple does...

In the past I experimented with a lot of variations but for now I am trying to get my pistol back (so to speak).

jockeRKC said...

I loved the article =)
It opened up my yeas even more on what we are doing and how i should think.
See you son Mr Jones

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