Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Public Service Announcement and Update
Short version -
Get your skin checks done at your Primary Care Physician or Dermatologist.
and protect yourself in the sun!
If you've never had one (skin check) - get one.

Long Version -
Oct. of last year I had my first appointment with my new Primary Care Physician (had to switch for insurance reasons) and during a skin check he noticed a "mole" on my right shoulder blade that he wanted checked by a dermatologist.
January 7 of this year I had that area biopsied at my Dermatologist appointment.
January 15 the results came in for an "in situ" melanoma with areas of regression
January 19 in consultation with a Surgical Oncologist I decided to have a sentinel lymph node biopsy and surgical excision of the melanoma area
Feb.3 Surgery for the sentinel lymph node biopsy and excision
My 7th and hopefully final surgery!
Feb. 16 I received the "all clear" for the lymph nodes (ended up taking 2 and going much deeper than expected) and the area of excision.
Now it is continued healing time for the excision are on my back and the incision in my axilla before I can get back to activity.

Melanomas are all about depth and this one was caught before it had gone deep enough to spread.
My Primary Care Dr. and Dermatologist saved my life.

I am going to be fine and will be seeing my Surgical Oncologist, Dermatologist and Dr. on a regular basis and we will all know each other (or at least they will know me) very well.
Sunbathing is off the menu and for outdoor activities I will be covered up with SPF clothing etc...
My wife Andrea Lupi Jones has been amazing during this time - Thank you my love.
My family, friends, FMS family and StrongFirst family have all been very supportive during this time - Thank you.

I do not post this for sympathy or anything other than to raise a bit of awareness.
Get a skin check and keep getting them.

Finally hit some training today
Prep - foam roller and GFM
Get-up to elbow (with bridge) x 24 kg x 5+5
24 kg Swings x 10+10 x 6 sets
1:5 work to rest ratio (basically)

Stretch and Fast and Loose to finish

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