Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BMF training today...

BMF: coined by David Whitley - stands for Brutal Minimal Fitness and that is what it is - it is brutal - it is minimal (two exercises) - and it targets your "fitness".

Prep work - Z
24kg Windmill x 3 r+L
24kg Goblet Squat x 5
24kg 2 arm swing x 10
{24kg Alternating Swings x 20 + Burpees x 10} x 10 sets in 20 minutes and 15 seconds

A little Z and stretch and DONE.
Great training - simple and effective!

Thought for the day based on a response to the question I posed on patterning:
"We do not lose anything - We give it away!"

People worry about or believe that the body "wears out" - NO - NO - NO
Your body GIVES away what you do not ask of it. If you don't want to lose something - don't stop doing it.

Yes - being a "high mileage" individual, injuries, surgeries etc....impact our status - however - if you work with a joint mobility program (Like Z - see the link on the right) you can thrive despite your "mileage".

I will be off the grid for a day or so and then the workshop in Roanoke - should be fun!


Sean Schniederjan RKC said...

This is OT, but I had a squat question.

I've never liked squats because I'm not built for them (long legs) and I always get sore when I do them, whereas I can do tons of KB ballistics and not feel a thing the next day. But it seems like they are essential for being 'strong.' So there's also the motivation to 'train a weakness.'

Is there a good squat program for someone like me that won't leave me too sore for days after the workout? I've been doing some KB FSq's the last couple of workouts and I'm feeling it from using no more than a 24kg for 5x5r/5l. I have steady gym access once a week (if you recommend low rep relatively heavy barbell squats).

Mike T Nelson said...

"Living systems are actually build up through USE and atrophy through DIS-USE. This is the direction OPPOSITE of almost anything else" Not sure who said that I am paraphrasing, but I always found it interesting.

IF you are doing the correct training, you should get BETTER with age.

Sean, are you sore on both sides/locations or more in one area?

Good stuff Brett
Rock on
Mike N

Aaron Friday said...

Looks like Schnieder's interested in some powerlifting....

Dude, get a hobby already, LOL!

Squat for 3 sets of 10 with 135 at the gym and let Fawn and Maura tweak your form. That will be a good start. You won't get sore after awhile.

Brett Jones said...

You can just continue with the KB front squats but reduce the volume to 2 x 3, or 3 x 3 and build up over time - if you don't want to compete in PL then KBs can get you taken care of - if you have an interest in barbell squats then follow Aaron's advice and get some help with your form but keep the reps low.

Great quote Mike - use and disuse!

Thanks Aaron

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