Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Training decision and the Three month plan...

I have decided to take a three month hiatus from the barbell and the Big 3 and work exclusively on kettlebells and bodyweight drills. This will be a GPP basebuilding phase. My body needs this.

Training today: All with 24 kg kb
Get-ups x 5 r+L
Windmill x 5 r+L
Front squat + Single leg deadlift x 2 sets of 5 r+L
Military press + single leg row x 2 sets of 5 r+L
One arm swings 10+10 x 5 sets


Unknown said...

Nice. We should speak of cool bodyweight stuff.....zzzzzzzzzzz

Aaron Friday said...

Brett, why?

Brett Jones said...

My GPP or conditioning base is not large enough to support the loading I am placing on it.
Too specific for too long and without enough conditioning - my body needs a break from the loading and a chance to regain some "general" athleticism.
I have been too long from the KBs.

Rick & The Family! said...

Good luck to you Brett. Personally, I think your big 3 are going to suffer tremendously from 3months off, but you know what is best for you.

Sometimes I think we get lost in what we think we should be doing or some scientific mumbo, and forget what works: lift, sleep, eat, repeat.

I hope it all works for you, but I cannot imagine being away from a barbell for 3 months. I know I would lose 100s off my lifts.


Anonymous said...


All the best on your KB adventure. Thanks again for your help with my back problems earlier in the year. Your advice worked wonders.

I don't imagine I could talk you into Coach Sommers' gymnastic training, could I?


Aaron Friday said...

Great answer. Thanks Brett.

Brett Jones said...

I appreciate the comments and I expect to lose a little in the short term - but this is a necessary step for me - I'll post more on this later.

Thanks - i am open to the bodyweight information of course but i need my KBs for a while.

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