Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Observation for the day and Training for today...

Observation for the day...
Chronic stress and chronic positioning matter! I have blogged on this before but it has been brought to my attention once again - if you sit in a certain position for hours at a time it has an impact on you. If you sleep in a certain position, stand in a certain position et....for extended periods of time it has an impact on your body.

If you sit with your right leg crossed over the left and your right arm held extended (mouse hand but arm held extended out in front of you with elbow locked or close to locked) - then chances are you will be at risk for irritation of the left shoulder and left knee among other areas. (Z health opposing joint stuff) So if you have a "chronic" pain or stress please check your "chronic" stress and positioning and see if it doesn't relate to how you are holding a certain position or repetitive action.

Question for the day:
What are you Patterning?

Training for today:
Prep work - Cook hip lift, ASLR, Z
28kg Windmill x 5 r+l
28kg Bottoms-up press x 3, 3 r+L
28kg SLDL x 5, 5 r+L
(28KG Alternating Swing x 20 + Burpee x 10) x 9 sets in 20 minutes
Rollouts x 5, 5, 5
Front and Side opener from Z - I-phase

Each set of Alt Swing + Burpee took just shy of 2 minutes so the 20 minutes includes rest and I will just work on packing more into the 20 minutes.
Feeling good - knee is doing well but I'm not ready to sprint quite yet.


Unknown said...

what'd ya do the roll outs with? zzzzzzzzzzzz

Brett Jones said...

Z - a $5 AbWheel - you know me - I spare no expense! ;)

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