Saturday, April 19, 2008

Travel and Upcoming Seminars...

One Week out from Roanoke, Va Seminar...
Tension/Relaxation and Flexibility Worshop. Apr 26. with Brett Jones, Master RKC.
Contact Dr. Mike Burgoon,

Then it will be off to Amsterdam again for a 2 day FMS workshop and a one day Kettlebell Basics workshop - May 16-18 - contact for details

June will find me in Minneapolis twice for a level one RKC workshop at the beginning of June and the Level 2 RKC at the end of the month.

I am feeling good but have been taking it easy for a couple of days but will be back to training tomorrow.

Any thoughts from anyone on my question from my last blog: "What are you patterning?"


Anonymous said...

ONE CHOICE!!!! can set a domino effect for several other choices/ outcomes!!!
Hey Brett, right on with your patterning...i work with a chiropractor some (applying heat/ ice and showing basic stretches)...we see TONS of folks who fall into the "patterning" concepts you were visiting on your blog....
poor patterning can lead to IMBALANCES!! and then INJURY!!- I find that this is the most common problem with strains in general population...the funniest response i get from people is "well, it never did this before...I have sat at my desk for years and my back never hurt until now!!" i still juggle how to answer this statement!!! after visiting some about posture etc...they usually find out that sitting all day on a three inch bilfold may begin to create some lumbar/ hip issues; coupled with a cross-legged motion...bamm!! low-back pain!! I also get frustrated with the idea that the body wears out the more one uses amazes me how many people are afraid of wear and tear so much that they won't exercise or put a full ROM on their joints....hmmmmmmm.
sorry so long, but yes a very important concept especially when it comes to teaching training moves with new/ deconditioned folks etc -(hope i stayed on task with the discussion)....later, alan

Brett Jones said...

Great stuff and you are spot on with people's fear that the body "wears out" - instead it "gives up" what we do not ask of it.

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