Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Request...

I don't often ask for or request things of those that I work with or those that have used my DVDs or services but I am going make an open request to those that have used my services (Personal Training or Workshops) and DVDs (Kettlebell Basics, Secrets of the Shoulder, Secrets of Core training, Secrets of the Knee and Hip, and Corrective Strategies)...

If you have used my services (personal training or workshop) please follow the link below and review me as an RKC Instructor...
(go to the bottom of the page to review me)

If you have used my DVDs please follow the links below and review the product:
Kettlebell Basics:

Secrets of the Shoulder:

Secrets of the Knee and Hip:

Secrets of Core Training - The Backside:

Corrective Strategies:

I have not made this request in the past but feel it is appropriate to ask for the testimonials and feedback on my services and DVDs. For example: I am frequently approached at the RKC I am told that my Kettlebell Basics DVD has been an invaluable tool for preparation but I have only 12 reviews of the product - there should be quite a few more up there.
Thank you in advance.


Taikei Matsushita said...

"Kettlebell Basics"

Already put a review, but this helped me get certified. This is a bit underrated and obscure for an excellent pre-RKC material.

Iron Tamer said...


Brett Jones said...

Thank you Taikei.

Thank you Mr. Whitley - I was humbled by your review.

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