Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Upcoming Workshop...

I am headed back over to Amsterdam to work with the Human Motion group to provide another 2 Day FMS workshop on May 16-17 and a one day Kettlebell workshop on May 18.

Please visit the humanmotion.nl site for more information

Obviously this is for those of you in Europe! ;)

Stay tuned for an updated USA schedule...


Unknown said...

Sir, we SERIOUSLY need more FMS certs around. For as great of a technology as this is, there are far too few chances to learn this stuff.

Are you scheduled for St. Paul in April?

KettlebellsNL said...

Ah, I wish I could be at the KB workshop, but as you know the trip to China makes it impossible. Maybe you could give my contact info to the participants, so we can start to build a Dutch KB network.

PS: Did you read my 2 emails on the MT info en test?

Brett Jones said...

I am not on the schedule for the April RKC and yes we need a lot more FMS workshops!

you will be missed at the workshop and I did get you emails and it is in my To Do list...just have to set aside the time.

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