Monday, April 14, 2008

Snatch training...

Prep work - Cook hip lift, ASLR, Z

24 kg Armbar x 3 r+L

24 kg Snatches -
6+6 x 10 sets
5+5 x 10 sets
in 18:52 minutes

That's all she wrote - quick and effective.

If I'm not careful I might get "in shape"!


Aaron Friday said...

Those little weights might make you light in the loafers, my man. If you're going to get ripped, at least grow some hair on your face or get another scar.

Mark Reifkind said...

round is a shape, eh? lol. that only works when you're powerlifting. like you're not in shape;:))

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Aaron - obviously the hair thing is out of the question - where should I get the scar? ;)

Thanks Rif - Straight is a shape as well - maybe I'll find it some day.

Aaron Friday said...

Forearm, and it should be in the shape of a skull.

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