Monday, November 17, 2008

DVD Editing, Training and stuff...

I have been running through the 12 DVDs of the CK-FMS workshop from August to prepare the product for release.  First off I am learning a great deal from reviewing the workshop - it is amazing how much information was provided during the weekend. I believe David Whitley described it as "trying to drink from a fire hose" and the DVDs will allow you to adjust the faucet.
Second - sitting and watching HOURS of DVDs is not a health plan!!

Training 11/17...

Prep work - Z, Brettzel, ASLR, various Rolling patterns

32 kg Get-up 1+1 with pause at each step with 3 neck rotations + 3 arm rotations

32 kg Get-ups x 5 singles each side - 
performed as: Arm bar + High bridge + 1/2 kneeling press x 1 

24 kg Get-ups x 3+3, 2+2

Stretch - ASLR and Hip Flex stretch

All get-ups performed with pauses at each step looking for alignment and precision.

The rolling pattern work can be seen on the Secrets of Primitive Patterns with Gray Cook and Lee Burton - awesome information!

I am still learning more and more about myself through the Get-up - such as some "issues" in the position shown above (related to my ASLR).


SG Human Performance said...

Can't wait for the DVD series to come out Brett.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks - it will be a beast of a product but packed with awesome information!

Brett Jones said...


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