Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A little Contest...

I am hosting an RKC prep course at Iron Core in San Diego very soon and would like to "Sweeten the pot" by offering an incentive for whomever gets the most people signed up for the course within the next 7 days (starting as of tomorrow):
1st place for the person that gets the most people signed up for the course will be the 
CK-FMS 15 DVD set - that's right - the entire 15 DVD CK-FMS set an over $500 value.
2nd place - will be one each of the Secrets of DVDs - all 4 Secrets of DVDs - an over $250 value.

Now space is limited for this workshop and you must get more than 1 person to sign up under your name in order to be eligible for this contest.  And I would of course recommend getting several more than that in order to win. 

So if you are an RKC prepping people to go to an RKC or you are prepping yourself to attend and know others thinking of taking on the challenge - hop on this contest!

Brett Jones is teaching a total
RKC Prep Course in San Diego, July 11-12th...
Are you ready for the RKC course in San Diego this August?
Want to be sure before you go?
Proper form, snatch test numbers already dialed in and able to soak in every bit of information!
Then come on over to the Prep course I am teaching and I will see you again at the course!
Considered one of the greatest challenges and a life transforming weekend the RKC is the Gold Standard Kettlebell Training Certification and I have been teaching at the Certs since April of 2003.  As a Master Instructor in the RKC I am well suited to prepare you for the rigors of the weekend and have you coming in prepared to optimize your experience.
Whether you are attending the RKC in August or have plans to attend the RKC in the future this is a great opportunity to get dialed in on your technique and learn what it takes to pass the RKC.


Franz Snideman said...

Stop by and say hello if you get a chance! We moved locations as we are next to the Pannikin Coffee shop on Girard. Come on by if you get a chance and I'll buy you a coffee!!!

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Franz - will do.
How is being on Girard working out - its a great location there in La Jolla.

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