Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas with cats....

Catching up and rolling on...

Spent the past couple of days trying to catch up - on sleep, email, invoices etc...
No matter what you have going on business and life march on the challenge is to learn on the fly and keep up the pace you set.

Rolling on - Indian Clubs again yesterday and today
These are feeling great and allowing me to practice my skill and get "active" again with some very mindful movement.

Writing, work and some interesting news...

The DVD of the month in Muscle and Fitness magazine for Jan 2010 -
Kalos Sthenos - Kettlebells from the Ground Up by Brett Jones, Gray Cook and Mark Cheng!
How about that - kettlebells and mindful movement as the DVD of the month in a bodybuilding magazine??!!!
I'm picking up a copy tomorrow to checkout the details.

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