Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WOW - the response has been HUGE...

    Convict Conditioning How to Bust Free of All Weakness—Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength

When I had the chance to preview and then help with some editing on the book Convict Conditioning I knew it would be both popular and controversial but it has exploded far beyond what I had expected...
"To paraphrase a famous political quote: "It's the progressions stupid.' Coach Wade has laid out a set of progressions in Convict Conditioning that can lead to mastery of the big 6 bodyweight exercises and you would be wise to listen. This is knowledge proven in "extreme' conditions. So respect the progressions and put in your time—you'll be stronger for it."
—Brett Jones Master RKC, CSCS, CK-FMS
Do you travel a lot as I do? Having a solid set of bodyweight exercises to fall back on during travel is essential
Have you been frustrated by trying to hop right in on an exercise like a One-arm Push-up or Single Leg Squat? Maybe you didn't follow the right progression(s) to get there safely and effectively
Regardless of the title and controversy the information is solid and worth your time as a trainer or trainee.

Click the link above to read the description of the book and various testimonials...

Pair it with the Naked Warrior by Pavel and you have a superior bodyweight training pair!


davor said...

It's proudly sitting atop my ever-burgeoning dd product collection, and it'll be the first up for early release in this brave new decade. Along with some movement screen, Z drills and NGUs, it should be a route towards some equipment-free foundational strength, prior to moving on to any weighted training.

Happy new year Brett, and good luck with your training. Your blog is a source of great inspiration for my training efforts - thanks for the work you put into it.

Brett Jones said...

Thank you Davor - it is great to hear that my blog is helpful - keep us posted on your progress.

CC will certainly help with building the foundation.

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