Sunday, September 08, 2013

Swings are great but Swings do not = Snatches

Decided to switch up my 32 kg workout today with some snatches instead of swings and was reminded that swings (while excellent) are not = to snatches...
I have been hitting between 16-20 reps of 32 kg swings per minute for 10 minutes but 10 reps of snatches per minute for 5 minutes had me dropping to 6 reps per minute for the final 5 sets.

Prep - foam roller and primal move
32 kg Windmill x 5+5 x 2 sets
final rep of each set was a Bent Press

32 kg Snatches Density style - reps at top of minute
5+5 x 5 minutes
3+3 x 5 minutes

Stretch and move

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