Sunday, March 15, 2009

Card Tearing is fun!

Tore a deck yesterday and quartered both halves.

Today - tore two decks and quartered three of the halves and then just for giggles I put a single layer of Duct tape around a deck and completed my first successful duct tape deck tear!

I have been working on Adam's advice to be more upright and I have been focused on using the right amount of tension and positioning of my left hand.  It seems to be working ;-)

I'll post a video when I can break out the actual camera and get a good film.

BTW - Adam didn't make a big deal of it when he did it but if I saw the video correctly he reached his goal of tearing TWO decks of Bicycles at once!  Congrats Adam!


gunther said...

I am glad to see someone is taking a clear stance against the destructive effects of gambling.

Unfortunately I have'nt got the strength to help out, but you can all join me in eradicating another scourge of the planet as I endeavour to stamp out quicksand once and for all.

Adam said...

Thanks Brett!

I am glad to see you back in saddle with your grip training.

I have got my goal of 2 decks at once. It is very tough on the hands, i will continue to work with it and get it nice and smooth

Brett Jones said...

Now that is funny! not sure if I can help with your plan for quicksand but I'll keep doing my part for gambling. LOL

Awesome work on the double deck tear - getting back into the grip training has been great for me.
Thanks for the kick in the pants

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