Monday, March 09, 2009

KB training today:

Prep - Rolling pattern work
Card Tearing x 3 casino decks and Quartering 3 of those halves
Continued Prep work - Z, Brettzel, ASLR
Get-up 12 kg working through the first three steps of the Get-up with neck rotations, shoulder rotations and thoracic waves (and the leg raise and knee to chest stretch)
32 kg Get-up x 3+3 (to half kneeling)
32 kg MP x 3+3, 3+3, 3+3
32 kg SLDL x 3+3, 3+3, 3+3
32 kg One arm swings 10+10 x 3 sets
Z and ASLR to finish

Worked on body position during card tearing as Adam recommended (felt better but still wanted to go into flexion). My tears are now straight across but still "high" on the deck. However, my feel for the card tearing is improving every time.
My knee is about 95% -minor swelling but full ROM.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brett, I attended your class in Dansbury CT.
You had mentioned some books on kinesiology and such. Can you post those on your blog please.

Thanks, Sumit

Brett Jones said...

On Intelligence (Hawkins)
The Body Has a Mind of It's Own (Blakeslee)
The Brain That Changes Itself

Hope you are doing well - How are the KBs treating you?

Anonymous said...

I'm doing well.
The KBs are keeping the smile on my face. Going to India in a few days, will resume back to the Titan Challenge when I get back.
Picked up Kalos Sthenos, and I must say excellent work as always.

Be Good.


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