Saturday, March 28, 2009

A days destruction...

Card tearing x 9 decks (one double layer duct tape, one behind the back, the rest normal)
and I quartered 5 of the halves.
Nail bending - 1 x 60d nail reverse style, 1 x grade 5 bolt overhand, 1 x 60d nail underhand

40 KG KB Bent Press x 10 singles each arm
some reps I added a Military press before the Bent press and I worked on dropping into a bit of a squat at the bottom on some reps.

Just needed to work some angst out of the system - card tearing and bending is good for that.

Headed to Copenhagen this coming Thursday to teach a one day FMS.


Adam said...


Beautiful double hub lift!! Outstanding display of strength, I am very happy to see you back up and running

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Adam - fun stuff and more to come

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