Saturday, September 22, 2007

Last day of Z Health R-phase...

Getting precise with the drills and the instruction makes all the difference in the world. Anyone can begin to use R-phase but to get all the benefit you need to learn the precise targets and forms. This appeals to me because I am always a detail oriented person.

All I can say is that I will be implementing Z with myself and my clients on a large scale.

Fun stuff and effective stuff.

Today we lift and apply the techniques doing some KB work and DL - will report later or tomorrow.


Mark Reifkind said...

excellent bro, can't wait for the debriefing!

Mike T Nelson said...

I second that!

The application part is soooo cool!

Rock on
Mike N

Brett Jones said...

We will talk later today. Or call me after Geoff has worked with you.

I look forward to putting it into action.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brett! I've already implemented Z into my morning clients. They're shaking their heads and saying "that's so crazy" already, and are feeling better, too. I'm so much more compfortable with stopping them in movement and apply Z (AP Glides: c- & thoracic spine). I worked on Mike last night...boy is he a mess! and did my own drills Dr. Cobb gave me from the one-on-one. Workin on that 4/4 baby! :p Can't wait til I-phase! It was super great to kick it with you and sincerely want to thank you for your friendship over the week.

:)PSC ;)

Kinetic Edge Fitness & Performance said...

Let me know when you get to town in Oct and borrow neurology.

Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks Brett! I look forward to meeting you at the RKC in Oct!
Mike N

Frankie Faires said...


I would love for you to write an article or blog with a before/after on your practices and belief systems after Level 1 of Z.

Brett Jones said...

it was great sharing the weekend with you as well - having you, John, Delaine and Zachariah there was great and made the weekend even better.
I will be doing just that in the coming days.

Thanks Mike - see you in a few weeks

Brad - I'll give you a call here in a few days.

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