Monday, September 24, 2007

Training today 9/24/2007:

Fresh off the R phase cert and a PR to show for it...

Squat 455 x 1, 495 x 1, 1
Bench 315 x 2, 2

Hitting the squats felt good especially with a week and half to two weeks since I squatted last. And hitting 315 for two doubles is a big PR. Maybe those bone rhythms and R-phase drills are doing me some good ;)

I will write up an expanded version of my R-phase experience in the coming days.


Geoff Neupert said...

Give me a call on my wife's phone. I left the number on your cell VM.

Good job on the PR. More to come for sure.

Mark Reifkind said...

great bench dude! thats really good.

Anonymous said...

It was very nice meeting you this weekend. Thanks for the hospitality too. ;-)

I made it back to Hotlanta around midnight on Sunday. An uneventful drive, which is always a plus.

I can't believe you already PRed on your bench press! Keep up the great work!!!

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work on the PR! Many more to come I am sure!

Rock on
Mike N

Aaron Friday said...

Oh Great. Now Brett Jones is even stronger. If I send you the Minneapolis phone book, can you put your hand on it and tear just the "Z" pages with mind power alone?

I'm still recovering from that "handshake" you gave me, which bruised my intestines somehow.

But still, a strongman shouldn't suffer with imbalances. I'm hoping the Z-Health will help you fulfill your potential as an athlete, a trainer, and an educator. Looking forward to your report.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Katie - glad you made it home safe and look forward to keeping in touch.

Thanks Mike

Thanks Aaron - I do think that between Z, RKC, and some low rep Squat, bench, dead that I have a great formula for success.

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