Saturday, October 13, 2007

Meet report:

AAU Worlds in Orlando, FL
The good, the bad and the learning process...
Weigh in Thursday @ 195.5 (so far so good)
Turns out the 198's are competitive and some very good lifters are there (including a name I recognize from the records)
Squats: 1st - 474 (three whites), 2nd - 518 (three reds - just ran out of steam on the way up), 3rd - 518 (two whites)
Bench: 1st - 297 (three whites), 2nd - 318 (three reds), 3rd - 318 (three reds)
DL: 1st - 530 (three whites), 2nd - 573 (three whites, 3rd - 584 (three reds)
(5 for 9)
So: 518 - 297 - 573 = 1388 total

Placed Second in the Submaster Raw Full Power meet and 1st in the Submaster Raw Deadlift only

The Good:
A PR total, PR Squat, and PR DL (all meet PRs - which are different from gym PRs)
Came back to get my 518 squat on my 3rd attempt

The Bad:
Bench (nuff said)

The Learning Process:
Have to figure out how to eat during the meet - I am doing a piss poor job of fueling my body during the day
Timing is everything - timing eating, warm-ups, etc...
Peaking - the last four weeks before the meet were not ideal for a peak so I still need to actually peak for a meet

84 pounds to go to get Raw Elite - This will come primarily from continuing to increase my squat, actually hitting the bench press numbers I am capable of and working my DL a little.

All in all the meet was EXCELLENT - the AAU and the meet directors ran a great meet and the Disney complex was superb for the meet. 80 lifters and awards and all were done before 5 pm (lifting started at 9:30 am).

Now a few weeks of Z and Kenneth Jay's VO2 protocol - once a week squatting and I'll pick a PL meet in late spring.

Thanks for everyones support


MikeC in NZ RKC said...

Hi Brett

This Mike from New Zealand who was a the Sept RKC.

Congrats on your lifting, meet PR's awesome.

I think we only have IPF contests over here so can you explain a couple of things ... what's submaster? Also, what do they call "raw", I mean can you use a belt for deadlifting and squatting or is it totally raw. Are there any other major differences from IPF



Mark Reifkind said...

awesome dude! just great stuff.'98's are almost always one of the toughest classes. you have guys coming down from 210+ as well as very strong guys who can't make 181's and are short and powerful.
Powerlifting meets are as much about endurance( mainly mental)getting through all the hurry up and wait bs.every meet you do you just learn that much more about what not to do as what you have to do to get the numbers for real.

Randy Hauer said...

Great job Brett!

Christine said...

Nice work!

Jim Ryan said...

Congrats Brett! Good showing with the PRs!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Brett! That is damn strong!!! Congrats buddy!

Joe Sarti said...

Congrats and the 2 PR's in competition, that is a heck of an accomplishment. Also, great awareness on the lessons learned. With your approach I forsee that you will be in the Raw Elite and hit your BP numbers.

Great post as usual

Guarden said...

Evil weights Brett.
That's crazy.
Nice Job.


Unknown said...

Congratulations. Now do some cardio!

Franz Snideman said...

congratulations Brett! You must be pumped!

Very impressive!

Eating wise I am surprised that you chose to follow "the fat loss people" routine on the day of your meet when every day you are eating just fine :)

Just kidding!

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work Brett! 2 PRs is stellar!
You will get that Elite next time for sure!
Rock on and see ya up here at RKC
Mike N

Brett Jones said...

Thanks everyone - the journey continues....

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