Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fun Fun Fun stuff...

Decided to hit a quick session this AM and made it a "DL" session:
Rack Pulls (bar just above knee cap at start of pull- so a short range rack pull)
585 x 2, 635 x 2, 675 x 1 (5 sec. hold), 725 x 1

Stiff leg DL (Conventional pull to the top and then three stiff legs ala Marty Gallagher)
315 x 3,3,3,3,3

I have never worked rack pulls before and it felt good - Why Rack pulls? Because I wanted to feel the weight above what I am shooting for at the meet March 29. Didn't feel the weight really until 725 (first time having 700+ in my hands- Man I love Heavy stuff!).
Stiff legs felt good - different erector and hamstring work which should pay off come conventional DL time.

Yesterday I hit a 2 x 5 @ 80# in the DB bench as a bit of "a little of the hair of the dog" recovery workout from my DB bench session the other day. Yes - I was sore and still am a bit.

Let me say it again - I love heavy stuff - especially when I am picking it up!


Mark Reifkind said...

oh yeah! seven bills is good. and it will have nice effect on your cns as well.I assume grip was no problem?

Unknown said...

Freaky strong!

Anonymous said...

wow...I don't think I have ever seen 700+ pounds on a bar in real life....awesome!!

Aaron Friday said...

Cool. How do you feed yourself after handling 700+ pounds?

fawn said...

a bit of "a little of the hair of the dog" recovery workout....

I do this all the time! I alway felt like I was doing something "BAD"... but now that I know you go for a recovery workout, I won't feel like I have to keep it a secret. Cool!

Brett Jones said...

Grip wasn't an issue - that is one of the main reasons for the rackpulls - to put an overload weight into my hands.

Thanks Tim

Thanks Alan - the bar was really bending nicely!

Aaron - feeding was the same as always - a LOT of food ;)

Fawn - yeah - recovery workouts do the trick but they have to be small bits of the hair of the dog.
Squats are looking good.

Aaron Friday said...

Lots of bananas, right? And at least one gram of protein for every 50 pounds of bodyweight?

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