Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Rant - (i could get used to this)...

The Steroid mess in Baseball and other sports -

A now infamous baseball star is going to great lengths to proclaim his innocence. Stating that he thought the injections were vitamins etc....
This seems to be the common defense - "I thought my trainer was just giving me supplements and vitamins" - BY INJECTION...or by some unknown cream etc...

I have been in the Athletic Training and Fitness Industry for 19 years working with individuals of varying levels. High school athletes, college athletes, olympic athletes etc... and I have NEVER used a syringe to inject ANYTHING into any of them.

How does a supposedly intelligent individual allow an untrained (meaning a person with no medical training) person to inject them with anything?

Ignorance is a poor defense!

Supplements are or are becoming a huge gray area as more of these "supplements" actually provide "drug like" effects - Where is the line?
When does a Pro-hormone "supplement" cross the line into providing a testable positive result?
Is the "supplement" tainted because it is produced in the same equipment and production lines as other "drugs/supplements"? - a who put this peanut butter in my chocolate situation...

One should be very informed and cautious about what they are putting into their body and the reasons for doing so.


Aaron Friday said...

The baseball 'roid soap opera has been a reliable source of amusement to me for years. Their explanations are just fantastic. One guy blames his team-mate for spiking his protein shake with steroids, another guy forgets how to speak English when confronted, another guy assumed he was rubbing flax oil on his arms (why!), and another guy says it was B-12 even though the guy who injected him with it says it was 'roids.

One guy is like a hero now, because when a trainer swore that he injected him with HGH twice, he humbly admitted using HGH -- TWICE! Dude, nobody uses HGH only two times.

Brett Jones said...

Amusing and sad all at the same time - did we learn nothing from Marion Jones?

Aaron Friday said...

It's either sad, delusional, or par for the course, depending on your point of view. 'Roids were rampant in baseball in 1994, and an obvious curiosity in the late 80s. This is 20 years of history, and we're just now getting around to "doing something about it."

Once she got busted, Marion Jones was regretful and full of tears. Before that, nothing.

'Roids either ruin popular sports or keep them interesting. Depends on your point of view. Either way, the big shift happened 20+ years ago, and sports haven't been the same since.

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