Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Training 9/2/08...and Updated Travel Schedule...

Prep work - Z drills, Brettzel, ASLR

All with 32kg - (RKC prep workout #2)
MP x 3+3 (1st circuit), x 3+3 (2nd circuit)
Get-up x 3+3 (1st circuit), x 2+2 (2nd circuit)
MP x 3+3 (1st Circuit), x 3+3 (2nd circuit)
Swing (2 arm) x 20 (1st circuit), x 20 (2nd circuit)
MP x 3+3 (1st circuit), x 2+2 (2nd circuit)
Clean and Front Squat x 5+5 (1st circuit), 5+5 (2nd circuit)
MP x 3+3 (1st circuit), x 2+2 (2nd circuit)
Snatch x 10+10 (1st circuit), One arm swing x 10+10 (2nd circuit)
MP x 3+3 (1st circuit), x 2+2 (2nd circuit)
Alternating Swing x 20 (1st circuit), x 20 (2nd circuit)

completed in 35 minutes (or so...)

My left arm pressing has been a weak spot for quite some time and having to drop to 2 reps per MP set shows it - right arm was ready to keep on chugging but had to hold back for the left - but it will catch up.

Questions? Thoughts? Comments?

Updated Travel Schedule:
9/3 - 9/6- Liverpool, England - FMS workshop
9/11- 9/14 - San Diego, CA - RKC prep course
9/30 - Oct. 6 - RKC Hungary - Budapest, Hungary
10/9 - 10/12 - RKC MSP - MSP
10/17 - 10/19 - World Golf Fitness Summit presentation, CA

Those include some travel days etc... but it should be a great round of trips!


Ben said...

Geez, you're not going to know which way is up after that zig-zagging through time zones! :)

Brett Jones said...

I just follow the bubbles to know which way is up ;)
it is a pretty hectic schedule but fun at the same time.

Thanks Ben

davor said...

hello brett,
as things stand, i'm due to meet you in hungary. considering i'm a bit of a fan, i'd consider it as a privelege.
i'd really appreciate your advice before i step on that plane though.
i'm basically an untrained individual. just easing into exercises like body weight static lunges/jumping squats and (i'm slow to admit this) partial push ups. i'm at such a low level right now as i'm working around a few little tweaks/niggles, such as tight hamstrings and knee - hip pains. nothing major i'm sure, and confident i can get myself up to scratch eventually with cutting edge ideas like 'secrets', self myo fascial work, etc.
i'm just not sure if i'll be anywhere ready for the RKC in october.
do you think i might be out of my depth in such a scenario? i was told by someone representing dragondoor, that it would be ok to submit a video of the snatch test up to 3 months later, and still get the certification.
even still, i'm wondering should i cut my losses and avoid being the slowest kid in class?
i know it's a very subjective question to be burdening you with, but i harbour faint hopes i can get the cert, perhaps get the 2nd RKC or a related cert, and incorporate kettlebells as a part of my life, training and staying injury free as my goal.
perhaps if i was to leave a few $20 bills next to your plate of hungarian goulash...

Gabi said...

Wow, I just realized the Budapest cert is in just 4 weeks...!! Brett, I'm so looking forward to see you again and it will be a big honor to assist you and Andrea.
That also means it's pretty high time I haul my ass up and start with those prep workouts myself right tomorrow :)

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