Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An action shot from the Atlanta workshop...

Training today:
Prep - a little Z, ASLR
16 kg VO2 Max at 8 reps per 15 sec. x 60 sets
little stretch and mobility at the end

Picked up a large box of 60d nails at Lowe's today so the bending is going to start soon.
Switching to exclusively Double Underhand style which is demanding on the wrists and grip much more so than Double overhand.  Should be fun!


Mark Reifkind said...

nice snatch work man and glad to hear you are going to be bending again.excellent.
oh yeah, I too have some hair on my head,lol. its much warmer in the winter too,lol.

Iron Tamer said...

Brett, that windmill is a thing of beauty, I am glad Mandy captured it for the world to see.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks - love the vo2max!
Bending will be fun - feels good to be getting back to my strength roots.
and yes - hair is warmer!

David - I have to say the pic is pretty nice but not as nice as the pic or video of your two hands anyhow! Where is that?

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