Wednesday, April 01, 2009

On the Road Again....and Again....

Tomorrow I leave for Copenhagen to hit a one day FMS hosted by the Dane of Pain!
Sunday night I arrive in Newark and divert to Norfolk to assist Pavel with a workshop and return to Pittsburgh Wednesday the next couple of weeks look like this:
Travel 4/2 to Copenhagen
Teach one day FMS 4/4
Travel 4/5 Copenhagen to Newark > Newark to Norfolk
Teach 4/6 - 4/7
Travel 4/8 to Pittsburgh
and then...
4/16 - 4/19 - RKC in MSP
4/25 - Keynote presentation at the FITCON ( for details)
5/8 - Perform Better Summit in Providence
5/15 - 5/16 - Advanced Corrective Exercise workshop in Amsterdam
5/28 - 5/31 - CK-FMS workshop in MSP
6/6 - 6/7 - FMS workshop in Ohio

and I will stop there... but it continues to be a full year of travel and work!!

Will blog when I can as I travel.

Tore a three more decks - one of them a brutal duct tape tear! Fun


Mike T Nelson said...

Holy crazy schedule Brett-man!

Have fun!
Rock on
Mike N

Brett Jones said...

Yes - it is a bit crazy - but fun - I think??

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