Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Christmas with Cats....


Mark Reifkind said...

I thought you were allergic to cats,lol.

Tim Peterson said...

And that's why I have dogs. Brett, I've read the Viking Push Press is in some of your past workout blogs, what is that?

davor said...

You'd think that cats would be content with being, pound for pound, the most lethal predators in Europe, and forget about trying to be ornaments.

Brett Jones said...

I am - the things we do for love...

If I'm not mistaken it is in the Return of the Kettlebell book and DVD - it is a rhythmical push-press where the pause is at the top not at the chest as in a traditional push-press.

Now that is funny!

Alan Lendaro, Danbury CT said...

Hi Brett,

Glad you are on the mend. Looking forward to the Alexandria HKC in February. Which Get Up version are we going to be tested on, the Kalos Stenos or the "Old Way"? Since the workshop you did in Ridgefield CT last Feb, I have been exclusivly doing Get Ups the KS way.

PS: Your cats are way cool - are they still kittens? We have 2 black and white tuxedo cats that are almost 10 years old and STILL a lot of fun.


Alan Lendaro

Eric Moss RKC said...

enjoyed the post...especially since im a cat person...they are just easier and not as "in your face"

recover quickly Brett

Brett Jones said...

at the HKC the get-up is a simplified version not the full KS get-up (you"ll be fine)
The kittens are a brother/sister combo about 14 weeks old - loads of fun!

Thanks Eric

Phil Scarito said...

So, since we have talked. I have made 1 room completely cat free, have a vaperizer, and hepa filter in my bedroom. I'm thinking about just living in a bubble. The things we do for love, ain't that the truth!

Brett Jones said...

Allegra is actually helping me quite a bit at the moment - don't give up "bubble boy"

Tim Peterson said...

Thanks Brett, I have ETK, I will pick up the newer one. Being behind the scenes, do you know of 2010 San Diego RKC dates? I was a victim this summer and want to take the course next year.

Mark Reifkind said...

wow dude,you must REALLY love her.well done.

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