Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chugging along...

Feeling pretty good after yesterdays barbell experiment and hit a bit more today:

Club Swinging to begin...
A little ASLR and Brettzel
16 kg ASLR and Shoulder mobility drills
16 kg Get-ups 3 singles each side
16 kg 1/2 kneeling press x 2 sets of 5+5
16 kg Single leg deadlift x 5+5
16 kg Swings x 40, 40
(two arm x 10, Left x 10, Right x 10, Alternating x 10)

Lightyears away from where I've been but on the road back.
ASLR and SM is the best its ever been and I am intent on taking my time with the journey back to and beyond my previous training.


Rick said...

Is your shoulder mobility attributed to the Indian Clubs?

I score a 1 on the FMS sh screen and have tried everything I know. It's getting better but was hoping to add Ind Clubs. Thanks for the advice...

Brett Jones said...

The Clubs are certainly helping but maximizing T-spine rotation, Get-up drills and progressions are the key. Especially when you are at scores of 1.
What have you tried for your shoulders?

Rick said...

I've tried Secrets of the Shoulder and have been really working at Kalos Sthenos. Should I give up pressing until mobility score improve? Do you have any suggestions. I'm FMS certified but pretty frustrated and disappointed. Thanks for your help

Brett Jones said...

yes you should actually back off of pressing until your SM improves.
Can you shoot flip videos or post vids or send a DVD of you performing the basic rib-pull tspine rotations and crocodile breath.
What are your FMS scores?

Physical Influence said...

Brett- It's good to have you back, I always look forward to seeing what you are up to and I am planning on going to the Indian Club cert and also have registered for CK-FMS. 2010 is going to be a blast. I learned alot at Level II cert but now could pass the strength requirements and will recert in two years at age 51 with a better understanding and hopefully the lesser wieght advantage. See you in Minnisota.

Rick said...

Thanks Brett, I will send them. Where do I send them? I appreciate you help in this matter, I really do!


Brett Jones said...

Shoot me an email

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Jim,
Look forward to seeing you at ck-fms and the club swinging

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