Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A "real" training session...

I've been "training" some for the past few weeks but had my first what I would consider "real" training session today:
Step #1 from CC Hanging Leg Raise progression x 20, 20, 12
Club Swinging
8Kg Get-ups x 5 singles each side (continuous)
Club Swinging
8Kg Single Leg Deadlift x 5+5, 5+5
Club Swinging
(some hip opening stretches in there as well)

Obviously a lot of work to do on the HLR progressions from CC but its a start - especially post hernia repair.
Right hip feel better than it has in - well... forever. Always had to fight very hard to do a good SLDL on the right side but today was way easier and smoother.
Club Swinging is feeling great. I learn every time I swing the Clubs.
Yes - I did "test" my movements today as described in yesterdays blog.


Rick said...

Hey Brett,
Glad to see you are doing well. Could you explain what CC leg raise are? Also, any guess on when your DVDs are to be released?

Neghar said...

Brett, I'm happy to hear that you getting back to training! So many of us know how frustrating and interrupting surgery and it's complications can be to our training regimen.

Brett Jones said...

The leg raises I am doing are from Convict Conditioning - step one - knee tucks.
The DVD on Club Swinging should be up soon - Kbs from the Center to follow soon.

Thanks - I am moving better than ever actually but am looking back to getting into the swing of things

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