Saturday, January 27, 2018

Rest intervals...
The time to rest...

Prep: foam roller, GFM
24 kg Get-up + x 1+1
24 kg Half kneeling windmill series x R+L
(without in-line to the elbow)

32 kg Sets every 2 minutes:
32 kg One-arm Swing x 10 sets
32 kg Snatch x 8 sets
32 kg One-arm Swing x 2 sets

rest 1-2 min

32 kg Get-up x 1 EMOTM x 10


I am removing one of the half-kneeling windmill series to see if it changes something. The half-kneeling windmill to the elbow from the "in-line" position might be a irritating my hip a bit so I will remove it to see.

Rest periods or time to rest - since I am usually on the clock (so to speak) to get my sessions in I try to take advantage of days where I can rest more so that is what I did for my 32 kg work today.
Swings felt great, snatches had a greater impact (and hitting 80 total reps after not snatching for a while was good) and finishing with swings felt good.

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