Friday, August 17, 2007

Training Today - 8/17/07

Squats - 495 x 3 (belt only), 505 x 3 ( belt and wraps)
Bench - 195 x 8,8,8,8

Felt pretty good today - a bit of revenge on 505 which stopped me at one rep the last time I had it on my back.
Bench looks weak because I am starting a bench cycle at 60%.

Video of the 505 x 3 belt and wraps is coming after this post.


Aaron Friday said...

That's a great squat, Brett. Awesome.

Royce said...

Kick ass man!

Mark Reifkind said...

awesome dude! you just keep getting stronger. excellent.groove is so solid.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Aaron and Royce

Rif - thanks - the program is working well and should make a good article when done.

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