Monday, August 13, 2007

Training today - 8/13/07...

And the plan leading up to AAU in Orlando...

Squats - 455 x 5 (belt only), 465 x 5 (belt and wraps), 455 x 5 (belt and wraps)
Bench 185 x 8,8,8,8

Sets of 5 stink - in a painful long time under load way (my respect for those that have survived 20 reps with 405 has increased a great deal).
Bench is light and happy - part of the plan leading up to the AAU meet.

This is the first workout of the last three week cycle of the squat program and it just gets worse from here on out - the last four workouts are heavy and tough. Keep checking in and you will see.

The plan...
Surovetsky deadlift routine (modified of course and pulling sumo style for the touch and go days)
Butenko bench routine (modified of course - lower volume and more progressive loading plan)
Squats Monday and Thursday - Sumo Tuesdays - Bench Monday and Thursday - after the squat cycle ends I will pull some conventional DL on Saturdays.

Bench for the next two weeks will be 4 sets of 8. Next two weeks 5x5. Next two weeks 4x4. and then one week 3x3 and the final week 3x2. If all goes as planned then I should hit my current max (325) for sets of two during the last workout.

DL - sumo for now on the Surovetsky plan (progressing through 5x5, 4x4, 3x3 etc...) once per week - then add conventional pulls on Saturday working heavy.

Squats - finish the Ryabinnikov - take a week off and then work out a four week peaking routine and then a week off before the meet.

This will be the plan for the next 8 weeks - (one week off before the meet).

So tomorrow will be Sumo DLs - which should be fun after todays squats. And it might cause me to hold on the next squat workout until Friday.

BTW - if the above routines don't sound familiar you don't have PTTPM newsletter do you?? ;)


Mark Reifkind said...

the bottom line to any program is the numbers and yours are sure looking good,as well as getting better all the time.

and yes sets of five suck monkey butt, BUT they are so crucial to those really max efforts that can take almost as long as a set of five.

interesting to see how the butenko cycle works for you in the bench and yes pavels newsletter is AMAZING resource for powerlifters. that will have to come out in book form one day.

Brett Jones said...

Results baby - its all about the results!
I got nauseous when I read the monkey butt comment - stop it. ;)

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