Saturday, November 24, 2007

Couple of things missing...

Some of you noticed but thought I would bring it to the front, there are a couple of things I started recently that were short lived. Namely - the Korte cycle and the VO2 Max training - why were they short lived you ask?

Basically they had a short life because of the light loading.
"Sprinting" with a light KB didn't feel good and the light volume approach to my PL training didn't feel good either.

I'll expand - "sprinting" with a light KB is something I am not ready for right now because I do not have the foudation of KB work to support that type of dynamic loading. There is a tremendous load from the sprint with a KB - regardless of the weight. Rif has written quite a bit on this so if you search his blog you can find wonderful information on the virtual load.
Does this mean that "sprinting" with a KB is bad - absolutely not - it is just something you need to be prepared to handle. So I am going to step back and work on a "density" training approach that I learned from Ethan Reeve. (I'll post a link to the information in another post)

A light volume approach to PL training will work for some but it does not suit me at all. Getting sore as hell from light weights is just annoying to me and a misapplication of the tool from a general perspective. I can operate at a very high percentage of my 1 rep maximum with a pretty high frequency. (I could launch into a discussion of muscle fiber types and a litany of "science" but the simple fact is that I have trained myself to handle heavy wieghts frequently and my individual physiology supports this). So I will be squatting around 2 times a week and will be looking to hit a new personal best at 3 sets of 5 reps.

How is it a misapplication of the tool - for me - I feel very strongly that when I put a barbell in my hands it is for Maximum strength work - period. This does not mean that you cannot use the barbell for other purposes - it just means I think you had better have a damn good reason for it.
If I want to work a metabolic circuit I will pick up a Kettlebell - so I keep my conditioning work separate from my max strength work. Do you?

So I continue to work on my Z drills and am preparing to integrate the I-phase drills into my practice. The wrist and foot/ankle drills are turning out to be very important for me. Where will I-phase take me?


Mark Reifkind said...

very good points Brett. So many don't appreciate the 'virtual forces' created when using compensatory acceleration when snatching or swinging. I think your approach- rebuilding your foundation with density training- is very smart.
High force applications with the bell are very tough on the body and cns;even more so if your foundation is not ready for it.
I think most are suprised when they do the mvo2 with the right rep count and bell speed just how tough 50 sets are!especially to keep the bell speed up the entire time and not lose form.
Whether it's with a kb or running, one has to be prepared to sprint,especially for high volumes.

as far as your ability to handle high percentages of your one RM max in the squat I think it speaks to two things: one, your basic symmetry physically in the power lifts; the more square,plumb and neutral you are the more load you can handle because you recover faster and incur less 'damage" per unit of work.
and yes, high volume with light loads and the comcommitant soreness is very 'irritating',lol!
two:your very solid motor patterns in the moves( which of course helps point number one).
this is crucial and now with the z work it should be even better.
I also agree that the foot ankle work is turing out to be way more critical than I ever expected.
good post.

Jim Ryan said...

Good post, Brett!

I latched on to the part where you said you separate your strength work and conditioning work.

I have been feeling this pull also and now I am trying to integrate the two workouts in my overall schedule.

Do you think it best to do lots of swings and snatches on one day and save lower rep sets for another? What about the ETK and old RKC prescription for doing strength work first and conditioning second?

I am in the process of 'building the ladder' with the 32kg doing Military clean and press. It definitely feels like strength to me now with max sets of 3, but what about when it gets to 4 or 5 ladders of 1,2,3,4,5?? Some sort of hybrid or what. Interested in your thoughts.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Rif - pain free is the way to be.

aikibudo - I would go with either option really - work your ladders (strength work) and then hit some swings for conditioning or separate the days of ladders and front squats/single leg deadlift and days of snatch/swings.
The other aspect of keeping things separate is total volume (5 sets of 10 swings will not tax the system like a SSST 10 minute set).

Jim Ryan said...

Thanks Brett. This makes sense to me and was basically what I was doing. I guess my intuitive brain wasn't convincing my logical brain all by itself!

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