Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

This should be a time for remembering not only what we have to be thankful for but also whom we are thankful for having in our lives - and I am a blessed man in these regards.

I am thankful for my family - without whom I couldn't have become the person I am today and the people responsible for providing me so many opportunities in my life.

I am thankful for my "significant other" - a positive and loving light in my life.

I am thankful for my friends - steady friendship, support, and sharing from people that I am lucky to be able to call friend.

I am simply thankful - for life, love and the world we share.

Thank you to everyone in my life - you are more important to me that you know.


Royce said...

Happy Thanksgiving man, nice post!

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Royce - hope you had a wonderful holiday.

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