Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It has been a pretty exciting and busy week...

Had to travel to Minneapolis to teach an FMS workshop and the announcment of the step up to Master Instructor in the RKC community so I had a great weekend but missed a couple of workouts and my deep seated defect of not being able to stay away from the heavier weights so today:

405 x 3, 455 x 2, 475 x 1,
405 x 3, 455 x 2, 475 x 1
Bench -
315 x 1,1,1 275 x 3

Felt good to go under the bar and move a bit of weight again - (don't know if I am going to be able to stay with the Korte cycle).
Hello my name is Brett and I am a squat-aholic and a load-aholic...


Mike T Nelson said...

Congrats on becoming a Master RKC Trainer! Nice work!!!
Rock on
Mike N

Mark Reifkind said...

ok I'm holding the money you dont stay with the korte program :))

you know I love ya man but thats too easy.that only looked good when you were tired, now that you are recovered from the meet you are hungry for some more weight. I understand.

Guarden said...

Congratulation Brett :-)

Hope to see you at the Danish RKC.

Best regards,


Brett Jones said...

Thanks Mike and Jacob -
I will not be at the Danish RKC this year but will be in the Netherlands in early March.

Mark - Yeah - light just doesn't work with me.

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