Monday, May 19, 2008

Back from Amsterdam....

I am back from Amsterdam and sitting in the Newark Airport waiting for my flight home and it has been a great few days!

The two day FMS workshop went very well - 44 attendees and was well received by all.  Once again it was primarily physiotherapists with a smattering of trainers and strength coaches.  A great group and I had a blast teaching.

The KB Basics workshop went very well.  KBs are in their infancy in the Netherlands but I think you will be seeing more of them coming along.  Again a great group and a mix of physios and trainers and people just there for their own education.  My workshops are very much based on learning the proper form and not just getting "smoked".  Another great day!

Once again the Human Motion group took very good care of me and I had a great time.  My teaching and presenting was "On" this weekend.  Really good flow and feel to the teaching - those of you who present for a living will know what I am talking about.  Look for more things coming from the Human Motion group!!

Jet lag and fatigue - I made sure my diet was a bit better this trip and made sure I got a good amount of sleep each night and that made a huge difference.  Still feeling the trip but doing well.

Now I get back to work and get ready for the RKC level 1 and RKC level 2 in June!

Oh, and I apparently made someone's blog who was trying to promote Sandbag training and I am a "groove lift/gym bunny" or something to that effect.  This person does not know me and it unaware of my background etc... and why try to insult someone to market a product??
For the record - 1) I like sanbags, 2) if anyone mistakes me for a "gym bunny" they need very serious help with an eye and mental evaluation, 3) putting a 360 lb atlas stone on a 38" platform is apparently a "grooved" lift - LOL  ;)

Funny stuff!!!


Unknown said...

You are kind of gentle like a bunny.

Boris said...

"Gym Bunny".... No offense, but aren't they supposed to be hot?

Mike T Nelson said...

Hey Gym Bunny, maybe I will see you at the RKC here in MN in June. I will probably crash the pre attendee meeting and graduation ceremony as I will need a break from my PhD written exams.
Leave the rabbit ears at home this time though--hehehe.

Glad the presentation went well. Yeah, there is a definite "flow" to presentations and I've found for myself that it depends on the audience many times too.

Rock on
Mike N

Brett Jones said...

"Gentle like a bunny..." - yes - thank you Tim!

Boris - yes gym bunnies are supposed to be hot which is why I am certainly considered one ;)

Thanks Mike but the rabbit ears are a requirement!

Mark Reifkind said...

some people can't figure a way to promote themselves without tearing down their former colleagues and friends.Revisionist history is always so ugly but in this case it's just downright stupid in it's inaccuracy. lol@ gym bunny!You?

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