Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Travel, Training, and Thoughts....

(had to reach a bit for that last T...)

Travel -
I will be leaving tomorrow for Amsterdam to teach a 2 day FMS workshop and a 1 day KB Basics workshop. The Human Motion group is at it again - http://www.humanmotion.nl/
I will blog from Amsterdam.

Training -
Pull-ups BW x 10 , 10
Box pistol x 5+5
Full Pistol + 25# x 5+5
One arm push-up x 3+3
Half hour Spinning Class and the taught a 1/2 hour Stretch class

My "cardio" for spinning was good due to KBs ;)
and my first full pistols since dinging my knee a few weeks ago - progress is good.

My weight is down to 189-190 partly due to my training and partly due to Intermittent Fasting and I am overall very pleased with this and will just continue on this program and maybe try to PL at 181 again.

Training - 5/13/08
32kg Get-ups 1+1
32kg Bottoms-up Get-ups x one attempt each arm, 1 right + 0 Left
28kg Bottoms-up Get-up x 1 Right + 1/2 Left
24kg Bottoms-up Get-up x 1+1
{24kg Alternating swing x 20 + 10 Burpees} x 10 sets in 19:25

Great progress (In my opinion) - took 20:15 the last time I did this workout. I had about 30-35 seconds rest between sets and was able to keep the pace. Kicked by butt!
The bottoms up get-ups are revealing an asymmetry between my left and right arms - very interesting.

Thoughts -
And now a collection of random thoughts collected from amongst my Internet travels....

"Training movements not muscles" is a philosophy that I espouse but which movements?
The movements should be dictated by two things - your Goals and your FMS results.
Your goals will direct everything. Your FMS results will guide you as to your restrictions and asymmetries and corrective strategies to "fix" them.
Remember - You cannot optimize dysfunction! Try to get on the track with a bent frame and you will eventually blow a tire (or worse - see the NY magazine article on Women's injuries).



Thanks to Brad Nelson for posting these elsewhere - the top article is on the money spent on youth athletics and the dream of competing on an elite level and the second article is a frightening look at injuries in women's athletics.

Progress on the DL or any lift - If you work on a certain goal exercise for a period of time and do not hit your goal what do you do? Review your routine and I mean your overall routine and then study what you have done. What part of the lift did you miss on? Were you trying to accomplish too much at once or were you aiming at dissimilar targets? Once you have done a thorough debrief and research - restructure and get back at it.
Remember - The weakest link rules the chain.

I will probably add to this post later once I have a chance to get some training in but for now I'll sign off.


Mike T Nelson said...

Have fun traveling!

I liked the quote "You cannot optimize dysfunction!"

Everyone needs to keep movement quality a priority (or it will become a priority at some point).

Rock on
Mike N

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Mike - traveling is a necessity at the moment and is sometimes fun but...

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