Saturday, April 11, 2009

KB and Card Tearing...

Card Tearing x 7 decks
(2 decks were VERY hard, 4 decks torn and then tore 4 of those halves into quarters, and 1 duct tape tear)

Prep work - Rolling patterns, ASLR, Brettzel, Z
24 kg Arm Bar x 1+1
24 kg Get-up to Half Kneeling + 3 half kneeling presses x 1+1
24 kg MP ladders - 1 thru 5 reps x 2 ladders
continuous reps during ladders - rest between ladders - using a clean to get in position for each ladder
24 kg SLDL  5+5
24 kg  Swings x 50 (10 L + 10 R, 10 L + 10 R, 10 two arm)

Z to finish

Two of the decks were rubbery and very hard which is always a nice surprise ;-)
MPs felt good and training is feeling very good.  My prep work is efficient and targeted on my areas of concern which is a great way to start a training session.


Anonymous said...

I stole your snatch/ press workout last minute the other day...great workout!!

I know you would never had known if i hadn't said something; but, I wanted to let you know mostly as thanks for keeping your blog going. It is always an inciteful source of information on simple training (and not too wordy!). Thanks again!! Keep posting!
Alan Martin, RCK Oct '07

Josh said...

Hi Brett. Great work on the cards. How much duct tape do you use, and which method of tearing are you using most frequently? I recently switched to overhand (choke&peel) tearing, and it reduced me from a whole deck with other methods, to about 30 cards with a TON of effort. I've got a bunch of friends checking in on your blog now. They're always surprised by how simple the methods are. If they could stick with it, they'd be surprised at how EFFECTIVE the methods are as well:)

Brett Jones said...

Thanks - adding the snatch into the MP ladders kicks it up a knotch.
Glad the blog is helpful to you - I appreciate you checking in.

I am using the Dennis Rogers style of tearing (see a video I posted for an example) - duct tape is one layer or two and varies on how tough the deck is. Thanks for checking in and referring people to the blog!

If there is anything either of you want covered please let me know.

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