Thursday, April 09, 2009


The past few days are a blur but I think I am coming out the other side of the fatigue etc...
Sunday turned into a 24 hour travel day (not fun) and was followed by two long but good teaching days and then another (thankfully  shorter) travel day on Wednesday.

Training today...
Prep work - ASLR, Brettzel
24 kg Get-up x 2+2
Rite of Passage MP ladders (snatch press)
24 kg x 5 Ladders of 1 through 4 reps 
Goblet Squat and Two arm Swings superset ladder (10 thru 1)
10 Goblet Sq + 10 2 arm swings > down to 9+9 and on down to 1+1
A little Z and stretch to finish

I snatched the KB into place overhead to start my MP and there was no rest during each ladder only between ladders.  The Goblet Squat and 2 Arm swing superset is supposed to be without rest but I had to rest some.  


Franz Snideman said...

I'm sure the seminar was great!
I changed the way I do the Bretzel as our last e-mail exchange and what a difference! I was cheating before and faking myself out with what I thought was T-spine mobility! Now I see my TRUE T-spine mobility and it is very Scary!

Thanks for the correction Brett! My clients and I are reaping the benefits!!!!

Brett Jones said...

Thanks for the feedback and I am glad to hear the Brettzel is coming through for you and your clients.

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