Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday training...

Stretching/mobility work (a good bit)
Clubs - from various positions - 1# clubs
24 kg Get-up x 5 singles each side
24 kg One Arm Swing x 20+20 15+15 10+10 5+5 (continuous)
Fast and Loose drills and Pump stretch

The heavy day of pressing and pistols made me sore (in a good general way).


Unknown said...

I started swinging a big old sledge hammer against some old rubber matting on off days. Seems to be a good work out. Would that be similar to the clubs.

Brett Jones said...

The sledgehammer work you are doing is great conditioning but is very different from the Clubs.
Light Club Swinging as shown in Club Swinging Essentials (new DVD and Manual available on is a restorative art with specific movements (patterns), potures and positions.
Great stuff.

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