Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quick training yesterday...

prep - Foam roller, Ground Force Method

24 kg Get-up x 1+1 x 5

1 min walk + 4 min run (7.0 speed) x 3
2 min cool down walk

More on the Foam roller -
I had a couple of other questions from the foam roller forum post.
If not SMR then what the other benefits
What do you do when you find a tender spot?
If a desk jockey then is there anything additional to do etc...

other benefits -
it is a highly proprioceptive (lots of information to the brain),
it is “self massage” – so good for tissue quality etc…,
tender spots (this ties in with tissue quality) – these “hot spots” may be restrictions influencing movement etc…
When you find a tender spot – 10 or so 1″ rolls over the area or 10-15 seconds of staying on the spot
you don’t have to “get rid of” the tender spot but you may want to revisit the spot after the rest of your rolling to see what has changed
As a desk jockey you may be spending 5-10 minutes on the roller – so just a bit more time and attention to the hot spots before your movement prep

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