Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday training and...

Foam rolling post from my Applied Strength, LLC facebook page:
I'll try to keep this brief and on point...

Foam rolling is a valuable tool
it is not "self myofascial release" but it is highly proprioceptive
(See Myers etc...)
it is not a great "trigger point" tool - it is too "blunt" of a tool but it will find tender spots and areas that need attention (talk to any myofascial therapist or clinician that treats trigger points)
it is not a "pain tolerance" experiment - if you push hard enough or use cement rolls everything will hurt and that is not the point and could be counterproductive - control your pressure so only the tender spots show up.

Foam rolling for me is a 3-5 min opportunity to "check in" with my body - see if there are any tender spots and move along to the rest of my movement prep
So do I use it almost every time I train - yes but 97.5% of the time it is a 3 min or under check in not a "self treatment"

Initially foam rolling will/can be intense on certain areas but this should decrease and go away so that the foam roller becomes a "check in" - as one of my clients told me the other day "hey that foam roller feels great now...."

A well structured training program should improve movement and have you feeling great - not beat up and sore and full of tender spots all the time. IF this is the case then you may want to re-evaluate your program IMO
You also have to factor in your lifestyle here. If you are a "desk jockey" or computer based worker you may have to overcome 8-10 hours of static sitting etc... in order to be ready to train and a foam roller may be more a part of your routine.

Foam rollers and other soft tissue tools can be an integral part of your routine and can be very effective. This is all individual based - some will need more (due to previous injury, peaking for a competition goal, etc.....) and some will need very little. Adjust to your needs but keep it in it's place as a "check in" and part of your movement prep etc....

Prep - foam roller and Ground Force Method
24 kg Get-up x 1+1 (arm bar + crooked arm bar + bridge at elbow and hand)

Double 32 kg Front squat x 5
superset with
Double 32 kg SLDL x 3+3
x 5 supersets

24 kg Snatch x 5+5 x 6 sets in 5 min

Bike for a few minutes to just flush the legs a bit

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