Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Training Today - 11/07/07

Squat 315 x 8 sets of 5
Bench 205 x 8 sets of 5
DL 345 x 6 sets of 5

I was VERY sore going into today's workout but had to buck up and get under the bar. And ended up having a very good day.

This Korte cycle is starting out tough and I might have a modification up my sleeve.
(as usual)


Mark Reifkind said...

dude, thats some volume, I would ramp up to it slowly.

nate b said...

are you not doing the Vo2 snatches anymore?

Jim Ryan said...

Yikes, that is some serious squat volume!

I'm favoring the VO2 swing torture to those squats. Whew! Nice work, Brett.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd throw a friendly reminder of the Hormone Cascade lecture at you. Know your body's limits and keep up the good work!


Iron Tamer said...

SORE!?!? Boo friggity hoo!

Get out there and TRAIN!!....oh...wait a minute...that's what you already did....uh....nevermind.

Sounds like one of those "punch the clock" workouts. This is why Brett Jones is strong. He trains when he is supposed to not just when he "feels" like it.

The weight doesn't care how you feel, it only cares what you DO.

Franz Snideman said...

Congrat's Brett on becoming a MASTER RKC!!!

You deserve it brother!!!!!

Joe Sarti said...

Congrats on your post, you are an excellent instructor, a true student and a extremely knowledgable resource. I hope this pushes you to continued progression and new heights

Iron Tamer said...

Congrats MRKC!

Brett Jones said...

Thank you everyone - it is a very exciting time!

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