Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 Wrap up and looking forward to 2010

2009 was a very busy year:
27 trips total - taking me to Amsterdam (twice), Budapest (twice), Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Canada, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Connecticut, Kansas, West Virginia, New York, Philly, San Diego, Providence, Long Beach, Orlando, Ohio (twice), Minneapolis (a few times of course), Virginia, D.C, and a couple of others...Plus getting married (short honeymoon), surgery (and pulmonary embolism). Filmed 2 more projects - Club Swinging Essentials and Kettlebells From the Center - with Gray Cook. Writing the manuals to accompany these products has consumed the end of the year.

Mistakes of 2009 -
Training wise I made quite a few mistakes: 1) Travel issues - I let travel knock me out of any sensible training schedule - this simply will not do!, 2) Lack of direct "Core" work - now later in the year when the Hernia was in full effect there wasn't much I could do about this one but I certainly think it was an issue overall - so Hanging Leg Raises, Jandas etc... will be a consistent part of my routines this year (Convict Conditioning and BPA) in addition to the Reflexive Core Training in FMS, 3) I let go of any Max strength work - deadlifts and squats will return to the program as will pull-ups/chin-ups, 4) Bending & gripping work will be back in 2010.
Travel is an issue I need to deal with much better and I am taking more control over it is 2010.

Looking forward to 2010 -
Travel - I have about 4 workshop openings left for 2010 and it is January 1st. So I may actually start to schedule things for 2011.
Writing - the CK-FMS manual is next on the list after the manuals for Club Swinging and KBs from the Center are done and I am thinking that my own book has waited long enough.
Training - Obviously as noted above there were quite a few mistakes last year but I have to "make haste slowly" as I return to my training. Get-ups and Swings will be the starting point.

So lets get out there and make 2010 a great year!

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davor said...

'Make haste slowly' is a nice phrase. I'll be tuning in to get ideas about direct core work, and Reflexive Core Training, which is captivating stuff.
Looking forward to these new DVDs, and, if what I heard on the grapevine is correct, a new 'Cook book'.

Brett Jones said...

Great saying but hard to apply to our own training - I have been victim of trying to be done yesterday with many goals.
the new "Cook Book" (very funny! LOL) will be ready soon - it is a going to be very well done.

Papucs orrĂ¡n Pamutbojt said...

One reason I read your blog,Brett is the "way you say" things. Funny,refined and usually very useful for me.

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