Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Another jogging day...

Made it down to the Nature Train again for some jogging - made it 3 laps continuous + one walking lap for another 2.5+ miles of jogging in the VFFs.

I'll be hitting some stretch/yoga later.

Might hit some jogging again on Thursday.


Mike T Nelson said...

Wow, jogging?

Ok, I have to ask (and I am serious on this), what is the rationale behind jogging? I am not saying it is bad or good, just curious on your thoughts.

VFFs are awesome! Free the feet!
Rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

Brett Jones said...

Just trying to strengthen the lower legs and get back to being a bit more well rounded athletically, spend some time outdoors etc...
Wearing the VFFs I get sore feet, calves and quads but feel great.

Max Shank said...


Call it running instead of jogging. I feel like the word jogging implies a blend of mindless torment and apathy.
Almost done with my case study, by the way, and I am having a lot of success videotaping the screens as a reference.

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