Monday, May 09, 2016

Why so complicated...
A couple of training days...

Had an interesting comment on one of my Facebook posts the other day (which was removed by the person that put it up) and it got me thinking a little.

Basically it was a comment on an article from about integrating FMS, SFMA etc... and the comment went along the lines of: "I feel like I need a masters in exercise science to understand most of your I not making my training complicated enough...(I) work out 3-5 days a week and am "fit" so do I need to make it more complicated..."  
I am paraphrasing and working off of memory so that may not be exactly it but it is close and in the spirit of the comment.

The "tagline" from the blog/website here: Cultivating Simplicity in Training, Strength, Kettlebells, Health, and Fitness
I believe that simplicity has a price and that price is understanding something well enough to make it simple or explain it simply. (paraphrasing Einstein) 
So some of my posts on Facebook are meant for the fitness professional not the "end user" or client and tend to be research studies or articles that I think are good or useful.  This is not meant to make the concept of fitness inaccessible but I continually study and research and progress professionally and that ends up on my Facebook feed.

My clients understand how simple I make "fitness" and its pretty simple.  
But again simple has a price.

Saturday 5/7
Prep - Super Joints style joint mobility, Dbl 24 kg MP x 5, Dbl 24 kg FS x 5, Windmill x 5+5

Double 24 kg Jerks x 20 sets - 20 seconds Jerks + 1 minute rest
First 10 minutes = 6 jerks per 20 sec
Second 10 minutes = 5 jerks per 20 sec
Added about 2 min extra rest by adding a minute between a couple of sets in the last 10 just to keep rep quality high

Prep - Foam Roller , GFM
36 kg Get-up + x 1+1

36 kg Strength Aerobics x 16 minutes
28 sets total 

36 kg One-arm swing x 5 x 16 minutes
reps at top of minute, alternate hand each set



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