Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Classic American PL cycling and getting "stuck" on a number...

One of the issues with my first plan for the PL meet in March was the fact that I got stuck on a number. That number was 5. 5 sets to be even more exact. Why? I'm not quite sure but I had become enamored with 5x5. Usually I shift volume and stay very low in volume but I got "stuck".

Looking back at it - on consecutive weeks I hit four pretty damn hard weeks of squatting and should be very happy with my results. Now with tweaking the form and getting serious again I will be going after a more classic PL cycle.

Each week I will work up to a work set of 2 reps and add a bit to the top set each week (basically working back from a goal double that I want to hit at the end of the cycle) for each lift.
Squat and bench on Monday - DL and some assistance work on Thursday - and KB swings in between.

Simple is best.


john said...


You have mentioned FMS so many times that it's finally beginning to sink in through my thick skull.

My specific question is how effectively could I screen myself? If so, which resources (dvd, book, etc.)are absolutely essential?

I ask this because I'm sure that I have imbalances, but there is no screener (that I'm aware of) that's closer than a 5-6 hr drive from here.

Of course I know that ultimately there's no substitute for being screened in person by an experienced screener (which someday I will do), but I'm trying to find a way work with what I have available right now.


Brett Jones said...

Get Athletic Body in Balance by Gray Cook (and DVD if you can) - it will walk you through the process of self screening and some corrections.
Hope you are doing well

Joe Sarti said...

Simple is best especially when consistently applied

john said...

Thanks. I just ordered book and dvd.

Mark Reifkind said...

I totally understand that compulsion with a set of numbers but I finally came to realize that the only number in powerlifting that really mattered was 1.Cause that's all that you get to do on the platform.
that and seeing what a poor predictor of compeition 1 RM or any other group of numbers was.
That was one of the best parts of having a max effort day and regularly only having to focus on a one rep max effort in a lift. really attuned you to that type of effort.

Brett Jones said...

thanks - you are right 1 is the number that matters.
Doubles for training make sense in my mind (squat and bench - singles for DL).
This will get me back to my low volume ways...

fawn said...


Didn't you tell me that anything over four was a waste of time? Or wast that 5....

Brett Jones said...

I fell victim to my own stupidity - a horrible thing I don't recommend to anyone. I think the original quote was something along the lines of - "anything over 3 reps is cardio"

Congrats on your meet this past weekend!

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