Friday, January 04, 2008

The plan for the next PL meet...

I have decided to make a run at an ADAU PL meet in Erie, Pa on March 29, 2008. Despite a hectic travel schedule etc...I think I will be able to make this work - its all in the planning and adapting!

So the basic plan is this - there are 12 weeks from this Saturday till the meet - subtract one week for rest before the meet and one week for the unknown and I have about 10 weeks to prepare.
The plan will follow a similar format to the Ryabinyakov squat cycle I used late last year leading up to the AAU meet.
Squat will be made up of three - 3 week cycles where I will squat 5 times in each three week sections (with two of those being band squat sessions).
1st three weeks = 5x5
2nd three weeks = 5x3
3rd three weeks = 3x3
Bench will follow a similar format:
1st three weeks = 5x3
2nd three weeks = 4x2
3rd three weeks = 2x2
Deadlift will be once a week:
alternating weeks of pulls with 35# plates maybe 3 x 2
and pulls with heavier singles maybe 3 x 1

I have some ambitious goals for my squat and hope to actually bench what I am capable of in the meet - the judging in the ADAU is strict! so I need to be dialed in for sure.
This will be the next step in the journey to Raw Elite.


Joe Sarti said...

Wow, that is some serious work, 5 days a week sounds like a lot especially with the loads you are capable of. I like squatting but not that much ;).

I will be curious to how this system you are employing will treat you through the process and of course I want to see you kick butt at the meet and get your numbers/goals.

Looking forward to keeping up with the training log, seeing your progress, reading your feedback.

Brett Jones said...

I will be squatting 5 times in three weeks - not five times a week.
It will be fun regardless.

Franz Snideman said...

The goal is set! IT will be done!

Rock on!!!!!

Unknown said...

Good luck. I know you'll do great.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Franz and Tim - I spent a good amount of time yesterday laying out what I hope to hit during my squat cycle - could be great or...

Anonymous said...

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