Monday, January 21, 2008

How to progress to a heavier KB but still keep a low volume approach?

A great question from the forum and here was my answer:

Lots of ways to go here:
1)With the new "in between" weights you have less of a jump then the traditional set so you can progress through the "tweeners" with the low volume approach.
2)Adding platemates or ankle weights to the KB for a "microloading" approach.
3)Change the leverage - two KB in one hand press, bottoms up press, single leg press
4)See-saw press, kneeling press and other press variations
5)Use the heavier KB for TGUs and other drills
6)add Bands - jmpstretch or lifeline

My top two would be to change the leverages and add the bands - of course this assumes that you have screened and assessed your shoulders in a program similar to my DVD with Gray Cook - Secrets of the Shoulder - which by the way will be a great workshop in San Diego Feb 1st.


Joe Sarti said...

have you tried chains?

Brett Jones said...

No - I haven't had the chance.
Bands are so much easier to trasport ;)

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