Friday, January 11, 2008

Only 3 spots left!!

My Intermediate Kettlebell workshop at Iron Core in San Diego only has 3 spots left so if you are interested in attending now is the time to register.

Also look into the FMS Pittsburgh and the Secrets of the Shoulder workshop Feb 1st.

I'll be in Chicago this weekend for an FMS presentation so i will be blogging again on Sunday or Monday.

Jan 26-27 FMS workshop in PittsburghRegister on (go to courses and workshops and you will see the dates mentioned for an FMS workshop)email me at with any questions.

February 1 Secrets of the Shoulder workshop at the Sporting Club in La JollaEmail Paul David - for details and to register.

February 2 Intermediate Kettlebell workshop at Iron Core in San Diego


fawn said...

I wish I could go....

Taikei Matsushita said...

I had this question for a while and never asked.

I have "Athletic Body in Balance", and your first couple DVDs with Gray.

Are your DVDs and presentation at RKC level II to be RKC interpretation of FMS?

Taking FMS cert in Virginia and maintaining RKC cert through out the years would be such a burden for me. I was wondering how much in depth would you represent FMS as a Master RKC.

Brett Jones said...

Wish you could be there - it'll be fun!

FMS is complementary to and should be used along with the RKC as a screening tool to find asymmetries and imbalances before beginning an exercise program.
My level 2 presentation is an introduction to movement screening and I should be presenting a more specified screening at this years Level 2.
Does that answer you question?

I am unsure what you are asking with last sentence.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Thanks Brett.

Just about answers my question.

Fact is traveling from Japan a long distant to Minnesota (for RKC) and Virginia(for FMS) in a different time period is such a costly deal for me.

I'm planning to be at next RKC II.

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